Northbengal Institute of Development Studies, Rangpur

"An organization for development research, capacity building and academic excellence"
Affiliated to National University College Code: 3252
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Faculty, Department and Programs


NIDS has services of qualified, trained, and resourceful persons for its education purposes. Both full-time and part-time faculty members are in place. Full-time faculty members are recruited for BBA and Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) as per rules and regulations of National University, Bangladesh. They have master degree in their respective discipline including 1st class at Bachelor (Hons.), Master degree level and 1st divisions at other degrees.

NIDS will run with significant faculty and human resources of about 25 in number of which 10 are full time teachers and 06 are part time teachers in year 1. Visiting faculty members from Europe, Scandinavian countries in particular, Australia and other countries will be invited as NIDS expands to bring diversity and richness in the learning environment. Apart from the human resources, the NIDS will manage significant physical and financial resources. The Principal is the academic head of the Institute, who has a long experience in teaching, administration and management of schools and colleges across his service life. A brief description of qualification and experience of NIDS Principal is given below:

Name Qualification Experience

Alhajj Professor Md. Abdul Matin

M.Sc.(Zoology) - 2nd class
B.Sc (Hons.) - 2nd class
HSC - 3rd division
SSC - 1st division

34 years Teaching experience in Govt. colleges and
Vice-Principal in Govt. College

Graduate/Professional Courses

Northbengal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS) has been affiliated to the National University, Bangladesh for offering the honors courses from the session 2013-2014 in the following fields:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - 4 years
  2. B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering - 4 years

Eligibility for enrollment

The students who completed HSC or equivalent are eligible for enrollment in NIDS. However, minimum GPA rrquirements are set by the National University, Bangladesh every session. The students are normally selected through admission test organized by the National University nationwide and the subsequent enrollment is done as per instruction of the University.

BBA and CSE admission criteria (Session 2017-2018)

Course Passing year Min.GPA Terms and conditions
BBA SSC:13/14/2015

GPA at least 3.0 in any one of the following subjects in HSC level:
1. Accounting, 2. Business Organization and Management, 3. Finance, Banking and Insurance 4. Production Management and Marketing 5. Economics 6. Statistics 7. Higher Mathematics

CSE SSC:13/14/2015


GPA at least 3.0 in any one of the following subjects in HSC level:
1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Higher Mathematics

Fees Structure

The fee structure will vary for different modes of instruction and packages. The fees for the session 2017-2018 will be as follows:

Item of fees BBA CSE Payment schedule

Option 1



One time during admission

Option 2



During the time of admission



In the 6th month of admission




Tuition fee

Option 1



per month (total 48 months)

Option 2



per semester (6 months) - payable during the 1st month of each semester

Total fee

Option 1



During 4 years

Option 2



During 4 years

* 20% waiver of all fees for students having CGPA 5 in SSC & HSC
**10% waiver of all fees for CGPA 4.50-5.00 in SSC and HSC
*** In addition, occasional fees of the National University eg: examination, registration about Tk. 30,000 are to be paid in 4 years.

Payment modalities of fees

Students have to pay admission fee at a time plus 1st month tution fee during registration of courses before the 1st semester starts. During the other months of the semester, the students have to pay monthly tution fee no later than 7 days of the current month.

Fees waiver and financial assistance/scholarship

Fees may be waived partially or fully for a student at the direction of the Governing Body of the Institute. At least 5% of the seats will be reserved for poor but meritorious students including sons and daugters of Freedom Fighter, and Physically Challenged, whose tuition fees will be waived on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, if two students from the same parent are enrolled fees for one student will be waived partially or fully. Furthermore, scholarship and financial assistance will be available to 5 % students for outstanding performance subject to the availability of fund.

System of Education

At NIDS, the system of education will be course-credit and semester- based, and the curriculum will follow the regulations of National University, Bangladesh that reflect the interest of students for preparing them for leadership and service in a multi-cultural, multi-institutional, global and technologically developed society.

Semester Systems and Semester Schedule

In a year there will be two semesters, each semester spanning 6 months. There will be a period of 24 effective weeks of classroom/practical instruction per semester. The schedule of the semesters shall be as follows:

Semester Duration

July - December


January - June

Course Registration

A student must complete registration at the beginning of each semester in accordance with guidelines issued by the National University, Bangladesh before undergoing academic instruction. A student will not be allowed to register if there are unpaid fees from a previous semester. A student is required to pay his/her fees or make financial arrangements before he/she can register for a given semester.

Newly Admitted Students

Newly admitted students will register course(s) paying required fee on the day of admission. The admission of a newly admitted student will be cancelled if he/she fails to register course(s) within 14 days of the semester following admission and fails to attend the classes.

Continuing Students

Continuing students will register course(s) during 23rd week of previous semester paying regular fees and with late fee up to the last day of the previous semester.

Class Attendance

A student is expected to attend all scheduled classes of a course. It is the responsibility of a teacher to inform the student of the consequences of absence from class. It is the responsibility of the student to keep instructors informed of absences from classes. No student will be allowed to sit for examination unless at least 80% of scheduled classes are attended except for valid reason.

Admission, Rules and Regulation

Applications are invited from interested and qualified students by the National University through announcement in newspaper before each session. Candidates are required to apply online to the respective authority of the National University. Student brochure can be made available on payment of Tk. 100 in cash or through bank draft in favor of NIDS.